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About D.H. Power Engineers

D.H. Power Engineers is a ISO 9001:2008 company which was started in 1990 with a motive of serving the Nation by means of empowering the power systems.

We belong to the D.H group of companies who deal with all the power needs of the Indian companies, Industries, Government Institutions, MNCs, Home and many more on the list. Since 1990, we have been running a successful business that establishes a smart and close relationship with the customers. We are stable in this industry due to our extraordinary services and the excellent products that we deliver to our customers.

Generations together we have made an attempt to empower the world with alternate power systems for the continuous growth of our customers and enhancement of their ability to grow without any hurdles especially from the power systems. Self-supporting power systems are always a backbone for the Large and small-scale Industries, Corporate Companies, Retailers, Manufacturers, MNCs, Home etc.

D.H. Power Engineers takes immense pleasure and happiness to serve our customers with power systems that can enhance your work and growth. D.H. Power Engineers is the dealer for a wide range or array of supporting power systems such as generators.

We also excel in selling Panels boards and multibrand generators which range from portable to industrial types. Our concern also specializes in electrification, mechanical and Turn key projects of generators, panel boards and elevators.

DH Power Engineers ISO certificate
Generator dealer in chennai
Generator Range from 5 kVA to 625 kVA
Elevator Dealer in chennai
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